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Project Case Study

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Project Overview


Ana Studio is a shared, multi-purpose office space. By day, it accommodates a small team workspace and an photographic artist studio. By night, the work area needs to be transformed into a gallery space. The owner asked us to design furniture that would create flexibility between the different usages and that would complimented the studio’s dark industrial aesthetic.



Completed: 2017
Location: Paris, FR
Size: < 100 m2

Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study.jpg
Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study.jpg
Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study.jpg





Interior Concept





Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study-16.jpg

Concept Development


We started by investigating the best configurations for working and then the gallery within the same space. The work area required lots of surface area for the team and the gallery needed to maximize open space. We got to work designing a set of custom tables at different working heights that could nested together to maximize the space and pulled out and arranged easily for different working styles.

Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study-2.jpg
Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study-3.jpg
Cutwork, Ana Studio Case Study-4.jpg

Industrial Aesthetic


To compliment the dark industrial aesthetic, we researched materials and selected a raw black steel finish with a tonal patina. We selected several pieces to be finished in white to accent and bring varience to the space.


Furniture Used


We outfitted the interior concept with furniture from our classic collection, as well as items from 3rd-party makers. The following Cutwork designs were selected for their industrial aesthetic and durability.



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