Founded on Industrial Tech


We are living through a fundamental shift in the way we produce, share, and consume things. Our studio is founded on a library of industrial technologies which contribute to a new industrial world where products are:

1. Based on digital files that are easy and cheap to customize
2. Made locally, reducing shipping emissions and costs
3. Made on-demand – no stock, no warehousing, no excess waste
4. Produced affordably in small batches of 20, 50, 100 units
5. Fully circular (we are currently certifying our product catalog)

At the core of all our designs is our signature “bend” technology. Notches are cut into metallic tubes, allowing them to be bent easy by hand. This allows our products to be shipped flat-pack and assembled easily. (The self-evident nature of this design has also grown into the visual language of our studio.) All products are made with high-precision laser tube cutting machines, enabling us to grow a network of local makers.

Cutwork, Industrial Tech.png


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We collaborate with some of the most innovative companies in our field. Our aim is to develop long-term design partnerships, both locally and globally to design new ways to live and work. Sound good? We’d love to hear from you.

+31 6 41 17 69 45
Amsterdam office: Achter Oosteinde 2, 1017 XP Amsterdam
Paris office: 6 Avenue René Coty, 75014 Paris