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Coworking & Coliving Design


Terms & Conditions


Please Note

All expenses are current and exclusive of VAT. Finalizing the design concept is limited to 2x rounds of feedback from the client. If additional changes are necessary, the studio hourly rate of 200 EUR or the architectural rate of 150 EUR per m2 applies. Delivery time by further agreement. For reference: typical delivery time for a furniture order is 6-8 weeks from signing the order. Architectural or interior concepts are typically 8-12 weeks. All design concepts remain the property of Cutwork unless agreed otherwise (ie exclusive rights to a concept to scale a space). The client owns the final products: the architecture/space, furniture, custom products, and interior items. The chosen direction of the design concept is finalized with Cutwork unless agreed otherwise. Approved fees are due regardless if the project is realized or not.

Payment Structure

Upon finalizing and signing a project contract, we invoice 30% to initiate the project’s creative development phase. Once the project concept is finalized and approved, we invoice 30% to begin the project production phase. Upon delivery, the final invoice of 40% is owed within 30 days. These amounts are subject to change depending on the project. Eg. projects that do not require extensive creative development phases will be balanced accordingly.


The client is expected to provide documents and project specifications for any design concepts to be developed. Eg. existing floor plans, on-measure specifications for a product, legal urban documentation, etc. If the client doesn’t have these or does not want to manage the production of such documents, upon agreement, we can charge an hourly rate to find and manage a third party to produce the necessary documents. The 3rd party’s fee is separate and will be presented for the client to approve and pay to produce the information.

External Partners – Suppliers & Builders

Cutwork is not responsible for any faults or defects in products that are acquired from 3rd party suppliers in fulfillment of interior design concepts. With architectural spatial design projects, Cutwork will manage 3rd parties such as local execution architect, builder, or project manager. These 3rd parties are responsible for ensuring the integrity and architectural standards of the concept design. We direct the conception; the 3rd party executes the vision and actualization of the space. Cutwork is not liable for any building faults or defects, or breaches of building codes by any such 3rd parties.


We intend to work closely with our client’s communications and marketing teams to develop a joint press campaign, designed to maximize impact and positive reception of the collaboration. To note: all marketing and outward communications of the client in relation to concepts, designs, or products received from Cutwork, must credit Cutwork.

Furniture Warranty

Within one year from the date of purchase, Cutwork will repair or replace any product that has material manufacturing defects above and beyond normal usage and wear at no cost to the original purchaser. The warranty and liability is governed by the laws of the Netherlands.

Terms & Conditions

  • Projects are initiated after the deal is signed and we’ve received the first invoice / 30%

  • When the concept is finalized and approved, we send the second invoice / 30%

  • Final invoice is sent upon product or building delivery – to be paid within 30 days or penalized / 40%

  • All invoices for active phases of project development are due regardless if the project is realized or not.