Cutwork is a global creative studio centered on industrial technology that allows  metal and other materials to be bent easily and effectively by hand. 



An innovative alternative to kit furniture. Using bare hands, flat metallic tubes can be transformed to construct beautifully curved tables, chairs, stools and other household objects.

No complicated assembly required. Our patented design system means that each of our pieces is ready to be assembled in a playful way. 


Retail + Pop-Up + Build.  We provide on-measure solutions for interior projects, from designing and producing bespoke objects to curating the vision for entire spaces.

We connect our clients to the machine. Can't find exactly what you are looking for? We can build it.  


12. Angle process.jpg


Steel, Plexi-Glass, and Wood. Our  process can be applied to many different materials, creating the potential to transform the way we design, build, and play. 

From Large-scale beams to lightweight construction projects. Cutwork has many architectural applications.

Collection O X M


From machine to hand, the process leads the concept of each design.  



Paris Design Week 


Cutwork created the custom interior for the official café and bookstore for Paris Design Week 2015.



Custom Office Space


Cutwork was commissioned by architecture and design consultancy A H A to outfit its office in Paris using Cutwork furniture. Unique creations included bespoke bookshelves, wall organizers and wall stands.



Custom Ice Cream Stand  


Paris-based ice cream company IceRoll needed a beautiful, durable and unique stand to launch their brand in 2014. Cutwork designed and produced the stand using the HandBend system and incorporated all of the technical elements needed to sell their product in a variety of venues. 



Cutwork is a team of independent architects and engineers fusing bespoke design and industrial production techniques in a way that will reshape the way we think about the limitations of material.

Cutwork has been the recipient of multiple awards in Europe for design, innovation and entrepreneurship including the Concours national d'aide à la création d’entreprises innovants, BPI +MESR and Grands Prix de l’Innovation de la ville de Paris. 


Kelsea Crawford // co-founder + CEO

Antonin Maeno // co-founder + head architect 

6 avenue René Coty
75014 Paris, France