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Industrial Craft

Using cutting-edge techniques in digital manufacturing, we have developed a library of industrial processes for laser cutting metallic tubes.

With this technology we produce furniture and architectural structures.

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The way we design and produce things has changed.

Our digital manufacturing process allows us to perfectly combine the scale of mass industrial manufacturing with the versatility and control of craft production.



Made on-demand: no stock, no warehousing, no excess waste.


Full control of designs – from concept to manufacturing.


Made locally to the end-user, reducing shipping emissions and costs.


Flat-pack designs to optimize shipping.


Fully circular products (our catalog is currently being certified).

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Cutwork, Technology, Detail.jpg
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Factory Network

We work with a select network of factories on the forefront of innovative industrial manufacturing.

Our digital production files can be sent to factories anywhere in the world to make products closest to our clients.

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Let’s build something together.

Want to design things differently? Have ideas for a new product? Interested in becoming a manufacturing partner?

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