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Original, durable furniture for coworking spaces.
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We are an industrial creative studio designing new ways to live and work.




Our process uses high precision lasers to cut and score metallic tubes, allowing them to be bent by hand for a range of design applications.



Using our technology, we have developed a line of furniture that can be sent flat pack and assembled in a matter of minutes.

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Together with several key partners, we are developing innovative modular housing solutions that will be ready for market in 2018.


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Flat-pack Collection O X M

From machine to hand, the process leads the concept of each design.




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Designing new ways to live and work.

Spatial concepts and custom furniture designs, specifically for coworking and co-living spaces.




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The largest coworking space in the world.

Paris-based Station F is campus to over 1,000 startups, as well as the European hubs for Facebook, Microsoft, and Ubisoft. We custom designed two distinct office types for this renovated train station with the mission to help foster a highly collaborative, purposeful, and inspiring work environment.


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Official Café & Bookstore

Cutwork was selected to design the official café and bookstore for Paris Design Week for our unique, attractive and durable furniture designs.




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Custom Office Furniture

Architecture PR firm AHA was seeking a clean, minimal re-design of their office space on Rue Lancry in Paris. We incorporated furniture from our classic O X M collection and custom pieces including bespoke bookshelves, wall organizers and wall stands. 




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Cutwork is a team of independent architects and engineers fusing bespoke design and industrial production techniques in a way that will reshape the way we think about the limitations of material.

Cutwork has been the recipient of multiple awards in Europe for design, innovation, and entrepreneurship, including the Concours national d'aide à la création d’entreprises innovants, BPI +MESR, and Grands Prix de l’Innovation de la ville de Paris.




For inquiries, collaborations, and product info, please contact us below.
Cutwork is currently accepting project proposals for 2018.


Kelsea Crawford // co-founder + CEO

Antonin Maeno // co-founder + head architect

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