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Original, durable furniture for coworking spaces.





Designing new ways
to live and work.





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What defines us:



We believe that collaboration breeds innovation and unlocks human potential.




Our designs encourage the collision of people and ideas.




We design spaces and furniture for companies who challenge the way things are done and want something different than everyone else.



Coworking &
Co-living Spaces

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What we do:



Easily modifiable, durable, produced on-demand, finished in a variety of options, and carefully designed for coworking and co-living spaces.

Spatial Design Concepts

Our spatial designs foster meaningful work and unlock the potential for collaboration - both intentional and spontaneous.


The Coworking

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The largest coworking space in the world.


Paris-based Station F is campus to over 1,000 startups, as well as the European hubs for Facebook, Microsoft, and Ubisoft. We custom designed two distinct office types for this renovated train station with the mission to help foster a highly collaborative, purposeful, and inspiring work environment.



Completed: 2017
Location: Paris, FR
Size: 30,000 m2

Station F, Cutwork Case Study



Architecture PR firm.


We developed the interior design concept for Architecture PR firm AHA, honing a clean, minimal aesthetic and incorporating a range of custom furniture such as worktables, seating, bookshelves, and wall organizers.



Completed: 2017
Location: Paris, FR
Size: 95 m2




Photography studio and gallery.


This versatile space needed to function as workspace by day and gallery by night. To accommodate it’s many uses and it’s dark, industrial aesthetic, we designed a range of meeting tables, nesting tables and seating in raw black steel.



Completed: 2017
Location: Paris, FR
Size: 53 m2



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We are architects, engineers, industrial designers, and interior designers with +5 years of experience working with coworking & co-living spaces, innovation hubs, hotels, and in-house product design.

With offices in Paris and Amsterdam, we work with clients around the world to build distinguished spaces and communities. Cutwork has been the recipient of multiple awards in Europe for design, innovation, and entrepreneurship including the prestigious Grand Prix de Paris for Innovation in Design, an Accenture Innovation Awards 2017 Finalist, and a Top-100 Global Startup at Hello Tomorrow 2016 + 2017.

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Our clients challenge the way things are done and want something different
than everyone else. We design for companies who bleed innovation.



Architecture + Design Studio

Coworking + Co-living Spaces

Amsterdam + Paris


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