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Project Case Study

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Project Overview


AHA is an Architecture and Design PR firm based in Paris. They asked us to design a full interior design concept for their new office and a growing team. The key was in making their resources extremely accessible while also creating a refined aesthetic of space to bring in clients and make a strong impression within their field.



Completed: 2017
Location: Paris, FR
Size: 95 m2

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Design Problems



AHA asked us to design the space in a way that catalyzed their workflows and made resources incredibly accessible between the team.



AHA needed an inspiring interior aesthetic for their day-to-day work and also to make a significant impression to clients invited in for meetings.






Interior Concept





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Concept Development


The top priority was to make the space highly effective and to unlock the team’s ability to collaborate through projects. We sketched out thoughts with their whole team at a round table to understand their workflow with resources and how each of them intersected throughout the process.

Two unanimous patterns emerged. Every team member needed: 1) to be able to access a wide variety of resources, information, and references throughout their workflows, and 2) that the whole team needed to maintain a keen awareness of the newest developments in architecture and design.

The solution was simple: keep all resources in sight and in arm’s reach for the team. This not improved accessibility, but it would immerse the team in the rotation of new publications and retain their focus on the newest happenings in their field.

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Interior Aesthetic


For the office’s aesthetic design, form followed function. Once we resolved the usability, we developed a soft industrial aesthetic. The central idea of the design was to showcase the strong graphic qualities of the AHA’s design publications. This gallery effect was complimented with natural wood flooring, textured walls, and minimal white finishing for our furniture.






Custom Product





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Customized Shelving Products

Using our core bend technology and design signature, we developed a series of custom shelving and hanging products. This included basic bookshelves fit to specification, display hangers to showcase the latest reference publications, and wire hangers for magazines, brochures, and prints.

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Cutwork, AHA Case Study.jpg
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Furniture Used


We outfitted the office with furniture from our classic collection, finished in white to compliment the soft industrial aesthetics of the walls. The following Cutwork designs were incorporated for their simplicity, durability, and distinction.



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